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I’m an author

This is the book I authored as part of my PhD studies: It has quite a lot of information in such a small book, and includes a number of concise appendices. If you want to know more about how Christianity and Islam compare/contrast/relate, this is a great way to begin your studies. Also, if you are a Christian and wonder how to relate to Muslims, you will find guidance. A complete bibliography will take you further in your studies.

Christ In Me, Muslims Around Me: What to do?

(Also available in eBook)

AND NOW! I have broken the silence and published
The Truth About Santa

(Also available in print)

Not necessarily for kids, Patty Kake takes a tongue-in-cheek approach that is not quite biblical, but does carry the essence of the Christmas season.

And always working somewhere for Christ, I sifted through all of the church records and people's brains that I could and condensed 90 years of history of The Avon Park Church of the Nazarene into this convenient book, now preserved for posterity:

Faithfulness Through generations : Claiming God's Future
90th Anniversary Publication of the
Avon Park, Florida, Church of the Nazarene

By recommendation of Rev. James H. Boardman I read a digital copy of this book. The author specifically permits reprinting, and since I could find no current paperback or handbook copies, I edited then made this manuscript available to purchase. A must read for holiness people, with a very explicit and down-to-earth presentation of what we mean when we say we are "entirely sanctified" or dead to self.

AUTHORIZED REPRINTING: Spiritual Death-Route Holiness
Rev. L.S. Boardman

And featuring: (by my sister)
My Name Is Ezra

By the other author Patricia Bridewell:

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