Hair Spray Heaven 

This here's a little story 
Of the actual events 
How one angel met with glory 
At the cost of ninety-cents.

  We all call her; "Angel Betty"
Since her maker she's now met 
Her demise was "lookin' pretty"
And the killer ~ AQUA-NET. 

Betty's life was surely pampered 
But consumed by vanity 
And her health severely hampered 
By that "me" philosophy. 

Captivated with her mirror 
Betty languished everyday 
But her death was drawing nearer 
Every time she used hair spray. 

Betty's hair, her true obsession 
She would curl, comb, and re-spray 
And as legend tells ~ confession
  Of addiction to that spray. 

Well, "Miss Betty" was good lookin' 
And at times seemed self absorbed 
Spent more time on her than cookin' 
But, she deeply loved her Lord.

You see, as tale tells it . . .
All those hours with that mirror 
She would talk to God,  
And things would look much clearer. 

So, one day as heaven looked down 
And "Miss Betty" wouldn't talk 
Her mirror only showed a frown 
That's when they checked their clock. 

That morning, our "Miss Betty"
Looking lovely as each day 
Was sent some stylish wings for free 
By one last mist of spray.

~ You See ~

All those many years inhalin' 
Fumes from aerosol hair spray 
Got "Miss Betty's'" health to failin' 
As she primped her curls each day. 

So, include with all those "warnings"
From cigarettes ~ to booze 
Sometimes fixin' hair in mornings 
Can cause "eternel snooze."

This story really happened 
And her true name not revealed 
Just felt the need to share my friend 
So your fate won't be sealed .

Our town sure misses "Betty"
But know we'll meet again 
And we're sure she's still as pretty 
Up in that "Hair Spray Heaven"