Why does the name of JESUS move us to awe or animosity? JESUS is a lightning rod because His name represents the division between God and Satan, good and evil, Heaven and Hell, light and darkness, and righteousness and sin.

Children joined with their parents as they followed Jesus through the cities and villages. They saw the miracles which took place on the steps of the temple to the outrage of the religious leaders who also observed.

Jesus touched a crippled beggar and the beggar danced and sang praises to God. He spoke healing to a blind man who wept with joy, turning his eyes to see his family.

Who really is Jesus Christ? He is a leader who speaks with authority yet walks in humility. He is a teacher who talks in the language of peasants yet leaves scholars perplexed. He is a master who exemplifies servant hood.
(Excerpts taken from The Carpenter’s Cloth, Christ’s Journey to the Cross and Beyond, by Sigmund Brouwer, Word Publishing, Nashville, TN, 1997)

Jesus declared to His disciples, before He faced His death on Calvary’s Cross,
“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6, NIV) It was these words which eventually led to His execution.

As Jesus journeyed in Galilee and Judea the confusion by the people and religious leaders grew stronger as he got closer to his destination in Jerusalem. Many recognized Him, yet few really knew Him.

John wrote,
“He was in the world....The world did not recognize Him. He came to that which was His own, but His own did not receive Him.” (John 1:10-11, NIV)

Yet, by the miracle of Divine revelation, the certainty of someone whom they never knew, they saw Christ for who He is and at that moment that is all they needed to know. Those who have been touched by the Master knew they are changed forever.

To them, Jesus did not need to be defined by doctrine, explained by religious scholars, dismissed by distracters, or even defended by His disciples.  But make no mistake - the Devil, the evil one, knows exactly who He is and had but one plan for Him - eternal defeat and death. Yet, the Father - the Creator of the World - knew Jesus as only a Father could. He had but one plan for His Child - eternal victory. His only Son will be forever triumphant.

Do you know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord? Your acceptance or denial of this fact could mean the difference between Heaven and Hell for you? I invite you to proclaim Jesus as your Savior today!

Rick Vale has written these powerful words entitled, “All I Know,” 

    Who is this who brings forgiveness to a heart that once was stone? I don’t know how He has touched me, but my heart is now His home. And I don’t know where He came from, I just called upon His name and I know with every heartbeat I will never be the same. In the silence of a moment, I looked up and saw His face and I don’t know how it happened, but I felt my past erased. How He sensed my desperation of the broken one I am, I don’t know how He could carry such a healing in His hand.

    All I know is that He found me and all I know is that He cared. All my past and all my pain vanished as He called my name, I am free and that is all I know.


(Excerpts taken from script to “Forever Triumphant! We Worship the Christ of Calvary, by Randy Vader and Jay Rouse, 2006 PraiseGathering Music Group, p. 6, 24-31)
(Excerpts originally written by David L. Cowles and published in the “Your Faith” page of the Newark Advocate, OH, 2002)