The old wicker rocking chair would squeak with a comfortable rhythm as grandmother held her grandson on her lap. As she rocked, she would tell him tales of her youth and how she was married at thirteen in her bare feet. He would always ask her to tell him one more story. But she would set him down from her lap and say, "LEAVE SOMETHING TO HOPE FOR, MY CHILD. IT MAKES LIFE SWEET WHEN TIMES GET HARD."  

The memories of the old rocker lingered in the boy’s mind as he became an adult and then grandmother was gone. When times were hard, he remembered that there was something held in reserve to “HOPE FOR.” When his dreams did not seem to be turning out the way he had expected, he could always move in another direction, undergirded with “HOPE.” He smiled and said, what his grandmother said many times to him,


One of the great meanings of the Scriptures is “HOPE” of Christ's Coming. He is our “HOPE” and our life and eternal life.

“HOPE” is one of the most important words that give life meaning and purpose. Without it one is filled with HOPELESSNESS, which leads to despair. If you are not enthusiastic about the future, then the climate of HOPELESSNESS will set in and may lead to serious physical, emotional and spiritual distresses in your life.

A simple definition is: "To believe good things are about to happen." Our “HOPE” for the future determines our present course of action. As we live in “HOPE” we can tap into spiritual resources which can determine our own destiny and that of those around us. If we are really in touch with God, we're excited about the future. We are only whole and well persons as we have “HOPE FOR THE FUTURE!”

“HOPE” IS A GIFT OF GOD, based upon our belief that God created us and is our friend and helper. If we believe in a God who cares for us and enters into our lives, then our future is truly unlimited.

“HOPE” is the essential theme of the Bible. GOD-GIVEN “HOPE” changes the course of all human existence.

Today, God presents Himself to us little by little. The whole story of salvation is the story of God who comes. It is always He who comes, even if He has not yet come in His fullness. But there is indeed one unique moment in His coming; the others are only preparations and announcements.

God is made human in Jesus Christ. God makes Himself present to us with such a special presence, such an obvious presence, as to overthrow all the complicated calculations made about Him in the past.

Thanks be to God for His great gift of “HOPE!”

(Excerpts taken from The God Who Comes, by Carlo Caretto, in A Guide to Prayer, pp. 27-28, Orbis Books, Maryknoll, NY 10545)