In the midst of our busy lives and schedules, may we, once again, experience the wonder of this great event of Christmas and embrace the life-changing reason for this joyous season.

Sometimes our world would like to hide the true meaning of this blessed holy day – to somehow remove Jesus from Christmas and redirect the focus toward a non-religious, all-inclusive, non-offensive event. But in these troubled times, now more than ever, people need to know the truth of Christmas and the reason for celebration.

Yes, Christmas is Jesus!! Let’s make sure He is honored and given all the glory and all the praise!

The Christmas story began long before Mary, Joseph, and a manger in Bethlehem – long before the angel proclaimed, “Good news of great Joy.”
(Luke 2:10) You see, somewhere in eternity past, God planned His most magnificent of miracles – His Son, the King of all creation, would take upon Himself the flesh of a man. Then God waited for the perfect time...

Time had now come for God’s only Son to be born as a light in a dark, lonely place. So He stepped from Heaven’s hall to Bethlehem’s stall, where a star lit His newborn face.

Joy! Joy to the world, the Lord has come! Joy sent from God for all mankind. Joy that’s far great than a mere moment of everlasting joy – a contentment and a peace that still emanates from the One who laid in a manger in Bethlehem. This Baby that Mary held that first Christmas morn is the Joy Giver. He is the Savior; the long awaited Messiah...Son of the Most High God. Fully man yet fully God. Born in a manger, yet born a King!

Salvation through the newborn King! That’s the Good News.
“For unto us is born this day a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.” (Luke 2:11)

Yes, CHRISTMAS IS JESUS!! Who but God would have chosen Bethlehem to send His Son and unveil a wondrous plan? The HOPE of every human heart in a manger lay. To know this Child and understand the reason why He cam reveals to us the meaning of this day.

YES! CHRISTMAS IS JESUS – born this day – born to save. God so loved each one of us, He gave the greatest gift. And all we need is wrapped in Christ, we must not forget! CHRISTMAS IS JESUS!!

In the busy Christmas noise, all the lights, the bells, the toys, I have found, JESUS, You are the only source of comfort and joy.

Lord, I want Your presence for Christmas. I long to feel Your Spirit speaking peace to my heart. Of all the gifts I may receive, there’s only one I really need and it’s Your presence…for Christmas!

(Excerpts and Narration from Christmas is Jesus, a Musical by Mike Speck, Word Music, 2002)