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Me, the Author

Also edited and published:
  • Rusty Woomer's Journey From Death To Life, a jail ministry booklet, contains the chapter about Rusty Woomer from Chuck Colson's book The Body (used by permission), compiled by Brother Tom Shelton from Rusty's home county (eBook). (also available on Amazon.com)

NOT ME THE AUTHOR: patriciabridewell.com shares my name, is the same age, and writes Christian fiction

Do you know me?

You might know me if you lived while I did in Ohio: St. Marys, New Bremen; Illinois: Chicago, Morrison, Tampico, Marengo; Kentucky: Frankfort, New Castle, Owensboro, Ohio County; Florida: Avon Park (not necessarily in that order)

You also might know me if you went to Northern Illinois University, MacMurray College, or Kentucky Wesleyan College. I didn't spend much time on campus at Western Kentucky University, and none at Newburgh Theological Seminary, but I did earn degrees from those.

You could have heard of me if you ever worked for the Kentucky state government or were in the WAC in 1971-72.

You might know my name if you are affiliated with Avon Park Camp.

If you think I live in California and write Christian fiction and am a nurse, you want to go to patriciabridewell.com.

Who am I?

Family: I am the grandmother of two awesome grandchildren, Vayda and Zen. I am the mother of the greatest kid ever born, Will, and his precious wife, Colleen. I am the wife of my first husband, Jerry, for more than 40 years. I have some cousins in the Detroit area, and a gazillion in and from Ohio.

Work: I have worked as a waitress, salesclerk, general office help, middle school teacher, Tupperware dealer, tax preparer, mail clerk, personnel specialist, child support specialist, college instructor, lay speaker, computer repair technician, administrative assistant, secret shopper, and tutor, not in that order, and that does not necessarily include all positions. I have been very fortunate to explore many interests because of my husband who saw to the financial security. Yay!

Hobbies: I like to sing, play the flute by reading music, the guitar by chord (ear) and play at the piano with a right hand melody and left hand chord, by music and ear. I'm also okay on the spoons and with the tambourine. I used to macramé until I filled everybody's house; needlework (same); and now I crochet, primarily prayer shawls for the church, because they always need them. I maintain websites for some non-profits, teach Sunday School, organize and learn things on the computer, play and work with my iPad, study techie things.

Further than that, you have to really know me to discover.