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Pastor Resignation

Pastor and Lynda Boardman have
announced their resignation
effective July 26, 2020

We wish them well in this, their second attempt at retirement. Thank you, Pastors, for your leadership these past 6 1/2 years. You have offered many opportunities for spiritual growth, and spearheaded our renovations of the campus.

Sanctuary improvements include: New restrooms, new windows and blinds, new carpeting, new platform, replacement of tattered benches with comfortable chairs, set up of overflow room, reworked sound and video system, replacement organ, new "columns" and side lighting, new air conditioners, wifi enabled, among other things.

Educational Building improvements: repainted, repurposed rooms, audio visual equipment, wifi enabled, one air conditioner replaced, and more.

Entire Campus has been painted; parsonages and shed have been roofed; second parsonage updated and ready for use; work begun and contracted for main parsonage.

You have helped us achieve this and more without incurring debt.

Thank you for your vision. We have learned that when we bless our missionaries, God blesses us, and we have been mightily blessed. All praise to God for his mercy and grace, and for giving us pastors who listen to the Holy Spirit. May we keep the vision during this transition and into the future.

God bless you both.