By Request
From a sculpture by Victor Issa Studios
Tammy Jones Robinette sang this song.  It is beautiful, and deserves to be more widely circulated.  Unfortunately, even where it IS available is often out of stock.
This is posted so that those unable to get the recording can at least hear a semblance of how beautiful it is.
Jesus said let the little children come to me,
So she ran to Jesus and quietly she sat upon His knee.
She felt so safe as she looked into His eyes,
Then suddenly something happened
As she looked down she started to cry
She looked at the size of the scar buried deep into His flesh
You could see concern in her face as she looked up to Jesus and she said
What happened to your hands
Did it make you cry
Did it hurt a lot
What happened and why
Did your mama know
Did she kiss the pain away
With trembling lips she asked
What happened to your hands.
Jesus said to the little girl that day
It really doesn't hurt anymore
He smiled at her and started walking away
She followed in the distance
As the other children laughed and played
She just could not go away
She ran up to Jesus and He heard her say....
She didn't know that His hands hung the moon and stars
And at the wave of His hand the oceans roar
And the sea only comes so far
And on a hill called Mount Calvary
He stretched out His hands
And they nailed them to a tree
And forever He would bear the scars
To show how much He loved you and me
What happened to your hands?

Find the track and demo here: Daywind

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What Happened To Your Hands?